Portable Unit Model K204
Spray Gun with Nozzles
Standard Unit - Model K202.

Cold Gas Dynamic Spray Equipment Comes in a Variety of Configurations:

From Stationary to Portable. From Standard Build To Customized Installations.

Multiple Spray Heads Available For Wide-Area Applications.
Rotating 360 degree Nozzle is Available for Difficult to Reach (Pipe/Cylinder) ID Applications.

Powder Reclamation Systems & Air Filtration Systems are available.

Customized Model

We are the only manufacturer in the world that has portable equipment available to use in field service applications.
Our portable is small enough to fit in any car trunk.

Customized Model
K 100 Series Gun

KC-300 Integrated/Interchangeable Control Panel for
K-100/K-200 series (Multiple gun attachments are optional)
KC-300 Integrated
/Interchangeable Control Panel

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