Multi-Industrial Applications








Standard Applications

Our technology is currently in use in the marine, automotive, and petrochemical industries. Advantages include longer life protection (+15 years) against corrosion, a safe environment for repair (no heat or flammable gas required), and ease of application due to our 360-degree rotating spray nozzle.

This application increases the heat resistance ability of metals.





ELECTRIC CONDUCTIVITY. High electrical conductivity of aluminum or copper coatings and their ability to adhere to any metal, ceramic, paper, or foil surface provide for effective application in different electronic or electric components.

JOINING CHEMICALLY DISSIMILAR MATERIALS. It is possible to bond dissimilar materials with bonds that transition from one material to another. This advantage applies specifically as a low-temperature/safe environment alternative to welding.

Sealing of pipeline junctions & bi-metal connectors







GEO-THERMAL RESTORATION. Restoration of an underground gas-pumping turbine.

SURFACE REPAIR. Our technology is very effective in the repair of damaged areas of components. The low level of heat within the repair process produces no deformation of the treated part, no inner tensions in it, and no structural transformations of the treated part's metal. The equipment design makes possible local surface treatment without affecting non-defective areas. Field repair is convenient with our portable equipment.








ANTI-SEIZE. Our technology is currently in use in both the marine and petrochemical industries.



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