In the early 1980's inside the former Soviet Union, a group of scientists discovered that metal particles at or near room temperature moving at supersonic velocities would adhere to a surface upon impact. Until this accidental break-through, high temperature heat was the only viable method of getting metal to bond with metal.

Rus Sonic Technology, Inc. was founded in 2000 with the goal of marketing this significant technological advancement. A US patent was granted in February 2003 to protect both the method and apparatus including nozzle improvements. Additionally, international patents have subsequently been granted.

Our unique technology allows us to design and manufacture equipment which meets specific application needs in the automotive, aerospace, marine, and petrochemical industries. Current applications include corrosion protection, wear resistance, heat resistance and thermal barrier, electric conductivity, joining chemically dissimilar materials, anti-seize coating, and metal surface repair.

Rus Sonic is a well established US company, headquartered in Southern California. Our mission is to utilize our proprietary cold gas dynamic spray technology to deliver the most innovative and cost effective solutions in the industry.

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